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I got tagged by matilda19

What is your Therian type(s)?
I am a Poly-Therian; I'm proudly a Grizzly Bear and a Grey Wolf! =D (Big Grin)
How long have you known you're a Therian?
About a few months ago, Matt introduced me to the culture of Therianism & I immediately connected with it. 
What sort of dreams (if any) do you have about it?
I'm actually not a big dreamer, but whenever I do they usually involve some type of "prophecy" between some of my characters and/or myself or (more commonly) they'll be super random. ouo
Have you ever shifted yet? If so how was your first shift?
I have and it feels amazing:squee: It was almost like a caterpillar for me: I knew deep down something was there, but I was too shy or scared to let it reveal itself. But once I learned of Therianism and encouraged it more, I felt like a whole new world opened up to me. I finally felt free of my worries & ignored the criticism of others because I now know that there are others like me. Aww
How often do you shift?
I shift at a normal rate, I guess. =P (Razz) I just do it at my own will. 
Does your family now, If so, how did they react?
None of my friends or family know about it yet; the only people who know are my pack-mates. 
What sort of obvious animalistic behavior do you show in public?
I'm not very expressive about it in public or at home, but when I am you'll see my growl, bark, howl, and roar! I am a dummy!
Do you have a Pack/Herd/Pride/Clan?
Yep! I'm part of the AmberMoon Therian Pack with Matt, Sophie, and Pam! We don't exactly have ranks, but as far as I know Millz is our Alpha. 
How about a Mate or Life mate?
I don't have a boyfriend yet, but maybe one day I'll find the one. Heart
What usually happens when you are around pack or mates?
My other pack-mates live in the United Kingdom. ;n; So I never have gotten the chance to meet them properly, but whenever I talk to Matt I get all excited & stuff! Huggle!
Therians are often mistaken or called Furries, how do you feel about this?
I consider them to be two totally different cultures; a Furry is a person who expresses an imaginary character or an alternative persona through physical interactions (with or without a suit) between others of the culture or everyday people. A Therian is one whom takes upon a Spirit Animal(s) to seek for spiritual guidance & power and can possible take upon the form are his or her animal(s) in certain aspects. 
Do you have anything you consider treats?
love warm hugs, chocolate, & shiny things! La la la la 
Is anyone else in your family Therian?
Yep! My pack-mates of course. Giggle


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Savannah Duncan
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
DA Stamp - Commissions 010 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Art Trades 010 by tppgraphics
Hi! My name is Febcupcake. Everybody calls me Feb or Febby, but feel free to call me whatever you want. :aww: I am 15 years old and currently living in the United States of America. In reality, I am a quiet girl who doesn't have too much to say; just your average, everyday teenager. But once I warm up to you, you're in for some shit. :XD: Underneath my chubby skin lies a super random, intelligent, creative, kind & caring being. I stick to my friends through thick & thin and shall protect them at all costs. I almost always keep me promises too, even if it takes a while. ^^; So if you ever need somebody to talk to, you can visit me. I don't bite. :huggle: :heart:
Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day! :D Please take the time to check out my gallery, I'd appreciate it a lot! Thank you so much! :glomp:
My Best Friends are matilda19, Furryfoxwolf, and Funlover13! :heart:

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Thank you very much for the kind donations :aww: :heart: I will gladly draw a picture for all who donate 10+ :points: :la:

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*Special Traditional Art
Swamp Dragon by Febcupcake
Somewhere over the Rainbow by Febcupcake
I will warn you, these types of pieces take a good amount of time to finish & a few extra points. =P But these beauties are worth it, trust me. :aww:  :heart: Their colors will pop against the black marker I prefer to use; making them look life-like with either a realistic, semi-realistic, or cartoony style, you name it! All I require is a details description of what you would like and a link (if you have a specific character you'd like me to draw) then I'll get right on it! :dummy: 
Traditional Art
Feb the Grizzly Bear by Febcupcake
Dakorei by Febcupcake
Fading Dreams by Febcupcake
Not Funny... by Febcupcake
I will gladly draw you anything and everything you please traditionally for a reasonable price! :la: 


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Okeee, thank you for the hug! :la: 
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U grew a moustache! :iconladanceplz:
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